Thursday, September 9, 2010

Los Angeles Spinal Decompression™ $50 ist Visit w/MRI Report

Spinal Decompression is one of the fastest growing treatments in response to the publics desperate need for a non-surgical spinal solution to severe and life changing back problems. As opposed to traction, which can increase intradiscal pressure and therefore aggravate a protruded, herniated, bulging, and/or extruded disc, spinal decompression has been shown to lower intradiscal pressure by applying axial decompression to the disc level using a logarithmic time force curve bypassing the muscle guarding reflex, thus reducing the disc pressure towards a negative level (American Chiropractor, March 2008). By doing this, it is believed that the disc lesion irritating the nerve root is pulled off the nerve, thus reducing nerve irritation and the pain and muscle spasm that's responding to the sharp, knife-like nerve irritation to begin with.